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Why you cannot ignore famous astrologer’s predictions?

Astrology is the study of the correlation between movements and placements of celestial bodies and life and physical processes on earth, and their practices. There are some famous astrologers India working with stars and constellations, and modern astrologers working with the Moon, the Sun, and the planets within the solar system.

You should not get confuse with astrology and palmistry, fortune telling, tarot reading or psychic reading. There are some arguments people make about astrology-

  1. It’s just simple common sense
  2. The Zodiac signs are wrong
  3. Astrologers work from the birth moment and not the conception time
  4. Nobody knows how astrology actually works
  5. Science and its studies show astrology doesn’t work
  6. Astrology is at odds with modern philosophy and scientific knowledge
  7. Where is the evidence of science for astrology
  8. Astrologers defend astrology to provide protection to their vested interests
  9. Astrology is different from science

Reasons you cannot ignore the predictions of astrologers:

  1. People who neglect the predictions of astrologers know nothing of the subject
  2. People think that astrology is a belief
  3. People think that it is an unnecessary harmful practice
  4. People think why they should pay to have an opinion
  5. People criticize astrologers for working from the moment of birth rather than the conception time.

In the astrology field, there are more fatally flawed tests as compared to real evidence. Since there is no budget for testing astrology and many astrologers are majorly motivated by the applications of astrology and study than in addressing the challenge to defending and providing scientific proof.

What are the issues with testing astrological practice under scientific methods?

There are five main issues while testing astrological practice under strict scientific methods and we will discuss them below-

  1. Limited fresh precise objective data
  2. Difficulty in isolating the numerous variables
  3. It is impossible to replicate unique conditions
  4. Results often reflect the unconscious and conscious bias of the experimenter
  5. Statistical results are often misinterpreted, manipulated and skewed

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you should not de-motivate astrologers to practice their study. There are famous astrologers India that are providing best astrology reading services. You can approach them online and get results through mail.

To feedback this post, you can make comments below. You can even share your views with other readers here in comments section. Write to astrologers if you want to know what your star signs say about you and your life.

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